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The Machine That Types Out Thoughts has been previously presented in the art gallery Passevite in Lisbon and is continuously under development. The initial matrix reunited a generous scale set of drawings, the performing presentation of a text and the construction of an audio background design.  The intent is to create an environment balancing both performing and plastic arts in the exhibition space. 

The present exhibition departed from a sequence of veiled rotating heads drawings. The blind figures are complemented with graphic records produced by a typing machine.  Subsequently, invitations to enrich the project were addressed to Luis Robalo, the author of the text: an inner monologue which the head establishes with its own thoughts; to David Diogo, who designed and produced the audio:  a sound ambience reproducing the work flow in the atelier, and the sounds of the thoughts typing machine. For the final merge, the author and actresses Cristina Cavalinhos, Joana Marques, and actor João Didelet were invited to act and interpret the text. Further, a video (by Miguel Diogo) of the acting and interpretation by these performers was produced.

About the Sound by David Diogo

The challenge for me was, who to portrait sonically this “machine” that spits out thoughts?

So my approach was to try to enter inside Paulo´s head, and the only way I could do so, was to record him painting and handling his tools of work in is studio. From this starting point I was recording is thoughts that were reflected in actions.

Everything that you will hear (except the dialogues) comes from several sounds that I chose from those recordings: A typewriter, brushes, sprays, rub against the canvas and voices.

All the harmonies and melodies came from there, through a process of transformation and metamorphosis of those raw sounds, then played trough a piano keyboard .

We introduced two songs in this piece that are an tribute to the authors José Afonso “A morte saiu à rua” (A song dedicated to José Dias Coelho killed by the state Police- PIDE in 1961. José Dias Coelho was a Anti-fascist political activist and a plastic artist)  and Erik Satie Gymnopédie nº1 which is a wonderful statement of simplicity and minimalism in music and in art .

This songs/pieces were also transformed and manipulated by this “terrible” Machine that types Thoughts!

Hope you enjoy

David Diogo


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